Contained here is the Indie Artist Tools collection of Articles

The ABCs of DIY
If you've finished your CD, but need to find ways to sell it, these tips will help you find an audience and customers.
Create Indie Music - Six Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music at Home
How to strengthen your creativity and songwriting skills.
Deal With Age Discrimination In The Commercial Marketplace By Learning To Be Musically Mature
Though age in the entertainment business is not something you think about when you're in your teens or twenties, age and image in the commercial marketplace is a very real issue for musicians in their later years—but is doesn't have to be!
Effective Indie Promotion
As more radio stations and venues join together, getting a foot in the door without a label is becoming increasingly difficult.
Independent Music Promotion on the Web: 3 Steps to Success
Using the internet to find an audience for your music.
Indie Music Success Tips in the Age of iTunes
In this new age of ITunes and Internet Marketing there are unlimited opportunities to bands and musicians that under the 'old system' of traditional record labels never would have had a chance.
Indie Versatility
How technology and the internet has changed the definition of independent music.
Internet Music Promotion For Musicians
Online music promotion, while still in it's infancy, is becoming a force to be reckoned with not only by the major record companies, but other online artists as well.
An Introduction To The Indie Social Community For Musicians, Artists And Filmmakers
Using social networking sites to connect with musicians, artists and filmmakers.
Reselling Indie Releases
How to find customers for the 1000 CDs you had printed so they don't gather dust.