Effective Indie Promotion
by Greg Aldrich

One of the hardest things about choosing the independent route for any artist is how to get your product out to the masses. Rejecting the road the big labels have paved (and blocked!) means that you retain control over your product, but it also means that all of the advertising techniques used by the big guys to flood the market with the latest "hit" are not available.

It used to be that independent musical artists could start with their local scene and create an "in" to bigger fame that way, a sort of osmosis effect. However, the modern era has seen a huge rise in conglomeration, where most radio stations, even those touted as "local", are in fact owned and their programming controlled by corporations. Like the big labels, these media giants have business, and not necessarily quality, governing the bottom line.

Without being able to count on a lot of local support in the form of airplay, independent artists are now forced to rely on the other tool to get their message out: touring. Again, the life of an indie group in this area is made more difficult due to the lack of support. Venues need to be sought out and sealed by the band or individual themselves, and events are hard-won.

Battle of the bands competitions and side stages at major music festivals have also proved to be effective marketing tools for the promotion of a band's music. It may take a lot of time and effort, but a relentless touring schedule may be the only avenue left for an indie band to make their mark.

Greg Aldrich is the CEO of InBlaze Entertainment, and owner of the Indie Update blog, IndieUpdate.com. He has a passion for helping independent artists and getting the word out about great indie music. This is a sample article from the IndieUpdate blog.