An Introduction To The Indie Social Community For Musicians, Artists And Filmmakers
by Antony Gardner

The web has changed from the times when all people used the Internet to do was to go online and search for information. Nowadays people still search for information on the web as before but newer developments have taken place on the web. These developments have resulted in the web being a place for interaction between different people of similar interests.

Among these locations of web interaction between people are social community websites, some of the most popular includes websites such as Facebook, MySpace and a host of others. People usually converge on these websites on a frequent basis in order to share ideas, meet people, do business and learn about what is happening on the local or international scenes.

Despite the fact that most of these websites provide opportunities for social interaction, they aren’t targeted towards one particular group or section of the community. These sites are all encompassing but in a way that doesn’t allow for a pronounced approach to one particular issue or the other.

Most subjects are discussed or treated lightly in specific groups without any particular emphasis or the other. Due to this fact most people who want to discuss a particular niche topic have nowhere to find locate and interact which each other.

The indie community is one such community whose members require some form of frequent and focused interaction of the Internet. Musicians, artists and filmmakers who aren’t the under the constraints of large commercial labels, backers and producers need a space to discuss and interact so that they can collaborate and get some exposure for whatever independent material or efforts that they have to offer the general public.

Interaction through such websites provides immense benefits as well. These benefits include the fact that members of such community websites source information and assistance from each other regularly. Members of the independent community also tend to offer assistance to other people in their category easily.

These community members can also offer you information on workarounds to particular problems or cheaper shortcuts for project efforts as certain financial constraints or the other always bind independent establishments. Websites like the famous MySpace.com initially started out to provide a website for members of the indie community of musicians and artists to interact. However due to the phenomenal popularity of the website, other members of the general society started to use the website for interaction and other purposes.

This cross-section of the community included everybody from high school teenagers to business professionals who just wanted to socialize online. After a while the true nature of MySpace changed and the company was bought for commercial purposes by media giant Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Adieu the true independent spirit.

MyIndie.com is a social community website truly focused on the ideals of promoting greater interaction between members of the indie community. The website provides the needed space for members to get news from other members and share information about what is going on in the industry. Members can also get information about events that they can attend and upcoming productions that are worthy of note, so they can take the time out to assess these productions. Artists can easily use the MyIndie.com network to promote themselves and each other easily.

One other major advantage of websites like MyIndie.com is that is seeks out members who know what exactly it is that they’re looking for. Most other social community websites tend to attract a wide swathe of people with no interest at all in music, film or artists. Rather than attracting members who have no interest in independent community efforts, MyIndie.com solely brings people who have interests in the efforts of the independent community at heart.

Antony has been a music and lifestyle journalist for over five years who's latest project is taking the Indie scene by storm. A fan of the independent music and filmmaking industry is always on the look out for new and exciting Indie bands.